the true gay icon is miss j

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Penis Homes

mars hill is awful and i’m happy they’re falling apart

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#only the most obvious problem in seattle #this is good 

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Mary Lambert - Secrets

Promoting social inclusion of those living with mental health challenges, being fat positive, unabashedly queer, and generally awesome - gotta love Mary Lambert!

All the cute

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World Muslimah 2013, Miss Nigeria Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola Is Crowned 

A Nigerian woman has been crowned Miss World Muslimah 2013.

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola was awarded the accolade at the third annual event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"We’re just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful," the 21-year-old told Agence France-Press on Wednesday.

"It was not really about competition," she added.

Ajibola, who wept and dropped to her knees while reciting verses from the Quran, was awarded with prize money of £1,365 and trips to Mecca and India.

The annual pageant, held exclusively for Muslim women, assesses not only the appearance of contestants, but also their piety and religious knowledge.

The contest saw participants from 20 countries take part, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Iran.

A single U.S finalist - Ainee Fatima from Chicago - withdrew from the competition on 13 September, citing her father’s ill health.

The pageant was held ahead the upcoming Miss World competition, which has drawn protests from hardline Indonesian Muslim groups.

It final had been due to be held in a venue near Jakarta, but will now take place in Bali. 

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Inspired by Virginia Woolf


Inspired by Virginia Woolf

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